Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23, 2007 question

I believe the curse of the Red Sox has not been broken. It has instead rebounded upon us all. We are now forced to endure Red Sox fans (who are giving Yankee fans a run for there money in the most-hated category) and a seemingly endless stream of Red Sox banter, discussion, hype, and (occasionally) games.

And I think it may have infected trivia as well.

A quick update: the world is lost. Chaos reigns. Google is not the savior from Microsoft that I thought it might be. And that's okay. If you joined the group, great. If you didn't, so be it. If you want to strangle me, remember that the word throttle would also suffice.

Before I pass on, I should mention that Laurie knew Freud's middle name (Schlomo) . . . I wonder what that tells us about her? Oh, yeah, she's wicked smart. Let's see who knows today's question. Here it is:

In alphabetical order, what is the first entry in Wikipedia?

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