Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 31, 2007 question

Today, trivia is dressing up like a normal person.

Congratulations to Heather M (the M stands for Monster), Karen H (the H stands for Halloween), Diannalee, Stephen K (the K stands for Knocking On Doors), Neil, Karen M (the M stands for Macabre) who knew San Diego to be the second largest Californian city. Okay, now I'm putting on my disguise.

Boy, did you watch the democratic presidential debate last night? Wow, Obama and Edwards were really giving Hilary a hard time. That's probably evidence that she is the favorite. I don't know for whom I will vote, but there are some interesting candidates. It's probably better that I don't use this forum for my personal views. It's all about the trivia, right?

I think I will do one more "second" question. I hope you enjoy it. This one might be a little more difficult, because not everyone will know what the most populous city is. Here is the question, forgive me if it doesn't meet your approval:

What is the second largest city in Europe?

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