Monday, October 22, 2007

the switch

Hopefully this will be the last bit of housekeeping for our trivia fun. You are now (as you were before) enrolled in daily trivia. It just goes to different electronic places before it gets to you. Everything is private, or as private as I could make it. The only real difference is convenience. So, as my comedic friend, Mitch Hedberg, would say about broken-down escalators that suddenly become stairs, "Sorry for the convenience."
If you want to opt out, it's easy. If you want to read it online and post comments, you can go to If you want to pretend that you invented the Internet and the environment, you can dress up like Al Gore for Halloween. That has nothing to do with trivia . . . yet it has everything to do with trivia. If you're wondering what today's question is . . . here:
What was Sigmund Freud's middle name? (Hint: it was also the name of one of Hanukkah Harry's donkeys.)

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