Thursday, December 6, 2007

December 6, 2007 question

What is happening to trivia? Either I'm sending you three messages or none . . . get your act together, me!

I'm sorry you had to witness me losing my temper with myself. Hopefully you won't lose yours when you learn that only Norris knew that Georgia has the most land area of any state east of the Mississippi, or that I have to give special credit to Neil for guessing tricky Alaska, which could technically be interpreted as a state east of the Mississippi since part of it extends so far West it becomes East again. But since Georgia is larger than the part of Alaska that extends beyond 180 degrees latitude . . . or is it longitude? Looks like I got myself a question. Here goes nothing:

If an armadillo travels due East with no variation North or South, which changes: its latitude or its longitude?

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