Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 14, 2007 question

The writer strike in Hollywood yielded its first benefit last night: shorter award shows. NBC crammed the Golden Globes into an hour-long vaganza, and the results were less than spectacular. And I hear they also announced the winners via simulcast on CNN, the TV Guide Channel, and E! in some sort of strange marriage of hosts from the various entertainment magazine shows. But, minus the spectacle, we all had a lot more time to do other things . . . like watch Con Air on TNT.

There's something kind of hilarious about a financial dispute leading two parties to mutually agree to stop making money altogether. Or maybe the TV hiatus has me desperately searching for hilarity anywhere I can find it. Regardless, here's today's question, inspired by . . . me:

Is vaganza, a less than extra extravaganza, a real word?

And here are Friday's winners, who knew that all newts are salamanders, but not all salamanders are newts:

Nancy K (the K stands for Knute Is Knot)
Steve T (the T stands for Total Vaganza)

Congrats. Don't spend your winnings all in one place.

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