Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8, 2007 question

Boy, sorry I've been so late with trivia. Too much going on. But I'll get better, I promise. No thanks, however, to Nasacort AQ, the medicine for nasal congestion due to allergies that was given to me by my doctor. Among the side effects are sore throat, bloody nose, and coughing. Why, doc? Why? And why didn't I ask you what the heck you were giving me?

And, in more recent news, why are people calling Hillary Clinton's emotional statement so . . . emotional? I've always found Hill to be a bit too stoic to embrace, figuratively or literally. She's usually got the emotional range of Al Gore. Then I saw the clip of her supposed "teary-eyed" interview, and I found myself a) waiting disappointedly for the alleged break down, and b) impressed that for the first time ever, she sounded like a real person. But there she was, emoting, expressing, engaging . . . certainly not crying. And now I think she has a leg up on Al Gore, who didn't make his transformation into a real boy until after he lost the election. Hillary still has a shot. I think if she plays her cards right, this could help her. All I know for sure is that the media is nuts. Here's today's question:

In 1895, brothers with what last name received the first patent for peanut butter?

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