Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11, 2008 question

Thomas E. Dewey was reported to have won the presidential election over Harry S. Truman. The trivia research department  uncovered a story late last night: he did not, in fact, win. Harry Truman won. Dewey, apparently, was never president. He had to settle for being king over the decimal system.

Now . . . did you watch the Grammy's last night? The show had its bright spots. Who would have thought Vince Gill and Kanye West would have an exchange of any kind? And who could have imagined Keely Smith and Kid Rock would be such a perfect combination? But most of the night was awkward and bad. First off, Alicia Keys' can't sing. It wasn't fair to pair her with a holographic Frank Sinatra who, even while dead, effortlessly outsang Keys and her strained, pained nasal blasts. Then having her perform again later in the program, only to be outsung again by . . . John Mayer's guitar? At least both performers looked equally in pain on that one.

But the weirdest moment of the night was Amy Winehouse's performance. I'll save the jokes about how obvious it was that the "Rehab" singer needed rehab. But did it seem like she just really had to go, you know, number 1? Seriously, she looked like a five year old trying to hold it until the last possible moment. She might as well have been singing this:

They tried to make me go potty, but I said "No, no, no."
I might wet my pants if I stop this dance, uh Oh, oh, oh.
I didn't have the time, I told my daddy that I'm fine.
And now I gotta find a bathroom so I can go, go, go.

Here's today's question:

The 700s in the Dewey Decimal Classification System are reserved for books on what topic?

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