Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13, 2008 question

Fargo, North Dakota, is the home of North Dakota State University. North Dakota U is in North Forks. Apparently we have no alumni on the trivia list . . . which maybe explains why you all typically do so well.

Today is the day we get to hear Roger Clemens perjure himself. That should be fun. Maybe we should start a little friendly trivia bet on where the biggest stars of this past generation will land first, the Hall of Fame or Federal Prison. Who do you think gets convicted first, Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens? And to think, the thing that could land them both in the clubhouse, as it were, is failing to tell the truth. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere. Forget lessons, there must be a potential question in there somewhere. Here's the best I could find:

What famous truth-telling story by biographer Mason Locke "Parson" Weems has been determined by historians to be almost certainly a falsehood?

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