Monday, February 25, 2008

February 25, 2008 question

Gone with the Wind is the top box-office earner of all time when you factor in inflation. When you don't consider inflation, it's just a really old movie. Here's who knew:

Karen H (the H stands for Huge Ears Like That, You Ought To Give A Darn)

On to today's movie news, where researchers have proclaimed to finally possess the ability to film the flight of an electron. It's gripping theater, if you care to watch. (Find the footage here: And of course by gripping, I mean that it is the singular most ridiculous so-called footage I've ever witnessed. It looks like a Real Jukebox visualizer effect from 1992. But, sure, hooray for you, Mr. Scientist. You can now safely return to your high school reunion and prove to all your old classmates that they were wrong: you are even more boring than they suspected. Here's today's question:

What three films have swept the Big 5 categories at the Oscars (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay)?

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