Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25, 2008 question

April 25 is the latest possible date for Easter. The Easter Bunny can file for an extension of up to three months, but he must submit Form 1085EGG with a postmark of April 25 or earlier. Trevor found that hidden fact deep within the recesses of his ginormous brain. Congratulations!

Okay, I have to hurry now. I'm being shot at by Bosnian sniper fire. Oh, no. Wait. I misspoke. I guess I just got distracted by the deafening screech coming from the brakes of the Democratic National Party tour bus. It's amazing how much momentum these candidates have lost so quickly. They're both doing a phenomenal job of making each other look bad . . . and making themselves look bad. Winning an election is kind of like winning a divorce settlement. You don't have to show what a great parent/partner you are; you just have to make the other person look incompetent and evil. And right now, it looks like John McCain is gonna get the kids and the house. Okay, so the metaphor only works in a two-party polygamist marriage, but I think you get the idea. Here's today's question:

In 2005, China surpassed what country as the leading exporter to the United States?

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