Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10, 2008 question

The Office returns tonight. The show is a strange phenomenon, because it's a critic's darling and a cult favorite and a ratings hit. Not many shows achieve the trifecta of garnering critical acclaim, a devoted following, and commercial success. Its secret perhaps lies in the way it breaks the conventional rules of television, it develops the characters people identify with, and it explores universal themes in the post-industrial revolution working culture.

Or . . . it's just stinking hilarious. Either way, here's today's question:

What Pellegrino Turri invention in1806 would later prove to revolutionize office communication, even leaving its mark on email messages?

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Jenn said...

My guess is the water cooler.

You can bet that Mike and I will be glued to our television tonight! We hate writer's strikers! (Don't ever go on one:)