Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008 question

I'm not sure why (maybe because I'm looking at the calendar) but I
think today is going to be the official death of winter. It's not
that it's snowing today or that I think it will never be cold again,
but I am taking a stand against Old Man Winter that spring will
arrive in all its blooming glory starting tomorrow.

So to you, Old Man Winter, I tell you your time is over here on the
northern hemisphere. It's time for your arch rival, Big Sissy Spring,
to take over.

To the rest of you who aren't seasonal personifications, I apologize
in advance for any blizzard-like conditions that arrive as a result
of this jinx. Here's today's question:

In the ingredient list of Juicy Juice berry flavor, the juices of
what three fruits appear in the ingredient list before a single berry
is mentioned?

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