Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3, 2008 question

Yahoo! is showing an AP video about how O'Hare airport trains its air
traffic controllers using a video game. I'm not at all surprised.
Flight simulators have long been the most realistic and practical
video games in the industry, so it made sense that a video game would
be used to simulate all the conditions involved in directing planes
to land. I was a bit surprised, though, that they were training on
Grand Theft Auto IV.

Anyway, the video stated that O'Hare was the 2nd busiest passenger
airport in the world. So the question today is obvious:

What city boasts the busiest passenger airport in the world (by total

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Jenn said...

My guess is Atlanta - as that is always the airport in which my flights are either delayed or cancelled (or leave early, just for fun:) (I've spent a few nights in Atlanta just because of the airport busyness!)