Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008 question

The Peanuts ponytail girl is Violet Gray. Nobody knew her last name, but a lot of you were on target with clue-induced genius:

Steven F (the F stands for Flying Beagles)
Heather M (the M stands for Marcie)

Nice work. Now on to less trivial matters: the democratic primaries. Poll results came out indicating that Obama supporters are getting less and less likely to vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination and that Clinton supporters are growing more strongly opposed to Obama. And I love the jaded related conclusion: supporters of both candidates want the battle to continue to the end. Well of course they do. That's just another way of saying they don't want their favorite candidate to quit. Sheesh. Meanwhile, a separate study showed that the longer the democratic race continues, the closer John McCain gets to receiving national landmark status. Okay, here's today's question:

Barrack Obama's Irish ancestors (including his great-great-great grandfather) sailed to America during Ireland's potato famine in the 19th Century . . . true or false?

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