Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008 question

Yes, it's true, Barack Obama's Irish eyes are smiling. But his Irish ancestors were not the O'Bamas, they were the Kearneys. Darn. That would have been awesome. What is awesome is how many of you knew the truth:

Karen H (the H stands for Hillary Is Madagascan)
Steve T (the T stands for Tater Famine)

So top o' the trivia mornin' to all of you. I'm a little troubled, though, about the latest news out of China. They claim to have just opened the world's longest bridge crossing a sea . . . when it's actually the third longest. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge is actually two parallel bridges, both of them longer than the one in China. The only question is (at least the only one I'll ask you):

What U.S. state lays claim to the two longest water-crossing bridges in the world?

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