Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Re: May 20, 2008 question

Wait, seriously, two responses? Two guesses? VH1 Behind the Music . . . guess a band, look for a clue, try something. Ask yourselves, what would Hillary do? Would she give up just because there's no hope? No. And neither should you. There's a lot more chance that you'll get this right than that Hillary will win the nomination. And you won't be ruining your party's chances just by guessing. By the way, do you think Hillary will still snap at Ralph Nader for ruining the democrats' chances by staying in an unwinnable race? Just wondering.

Okay, the two of you who guessed, feel free to guess again. But you're all stuck with this question until someone gets it right . . . and who knows? There might actually be a prize in it for you.

Adam Kellogg wrote:
Once again, parliamentary knowledge proves to be a tough topic for this crowd, and once again Charles benefits from your collective powers of underestimation. Sixteen members of Parliament-Funkadelic were inducted together into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The funktastic group has actually included well over 100 different musicians as members over the years.

Oh, and sorry to make you wait for trivia. I was busy jamming with George Clinton. Here's today's question packed with just that much musical integrity:

What band was the subject of the inaugural episode of Behind the Music?

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