Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008 question

It was Michael Dukakis (as played by Sam Waterston) who said that George (H W) Bush was in danger of becoming the Joe Isuzu of American politics. Yes, yes. He's the one politician who exaggerated, misled, and lied. Becoming known as the pathological liar of Washington is about as hard as becoming the floozy of Las Vegas . . . or the nerd at MIT . . . or the no-talent female starlet with issues. Maybe we could start a petition requesting that no politician can publicly accuse another of lying. It could be the "Yeah, we know, he lied, move on and tell us a better one" petition.

Here's yet another trivia question of compromised integrity:

According to Greek mythology, what god created the lyre?

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canngil said...

on the lyre, it was Apollo. He was bored one day.......