Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008 question

In Greek mythology, Hermes created the lyre . . . he was also considered the god of liars, believe it or not. Paul C (the C stands for Cheating, Lying Thief) and Islem knew that one. I should also give a shout out to my sisters Heidi and Kristin from whom I've withheld credit because of some unresolved conflict in my subconscious . . . here's your shout. Aaaaargh.

That's exactly the sound some passengers (and perhaps some security personnel) will be emitting as their bodies are scanned by the new see-through security machines being installed in airports across the country. What I love about this one is the fact that, although every inch of their bodies will be visible through the millimeter-wave scanners, people are supposed to be consoled by the fact that their faces will be blurred out. I'm sure more than one passenger will be overheard saying, "Well, I'm sure they could see the Benjamin-Franklin-shaped birthmark on my upper thigh and that unfortunate unspeakable rash . . . but at least he couldn't see my face." Or . . . "Hey, Honey, you've got some broccoli stuck in your teeth." "Really?! Oh, good thing they blur out your face on the scanner. That would have been embarrassing." Other reasons to feel better about the scans: pictures of your naked body will not be saved, printed, or posted to the Internet, AND, if you'd rather not be part of the all-nude airline revue, you can always choose the pat-down instead.

So in honor or dishonor of the Patriot Act peep show, here's today's question:

Are millimeter waves considered ultra-violet waves or infrared waves? (Hint: yes, one of those options is indeed correct . . . the answer isn't "No.")

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