Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008 question

Well, this is one of those days when I couldn't award any trivia prizes
if I wanted to. I'm sure it will make the glory all the sweeter if and
when your vice president nomination predictions come true. I know mine
won't. When Rudy G. was a strong front runner for the Republican
presidential ticket, I predicted Obama would win the Dem side and choose
John McCain as his running mate. Probably won't happen, now. It would be
a crafty move on the part of the candidates, but I don't know if it's
100% allowed . . . it's at least frowned upon.

Anyway, today's question is a lot like Friday's, except it's the
opposite . . . just not the total opposite. More like a tail to Obama's
head . . . or a head to Obama's tail, you know, it's best if I just ask
the question:

Who will John McCain choose as a running mate in the 2008 presidential

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