Friday, July 18, 2008

July 18, 2008 question

I will tell you the name of the pitcher in "Who's on First?" . . . Tomorrow. Why don't you tell us now? I just did. When? Just now. Well tell us again! Okay, Tomorrow. Don't tell us tomorrow! Why not, you just asked me to? We just want to know the name of the pitcher, so tel us today! That's the catcher. Who's the catcher? No, Who's on first.

And so on. Here's who knew:

Paul C (the C stands for Catching Today, Pitching Tomorrow)


Way to sift through the confusing pronouns! Of course, today you'll have to solve the trivia mystery Batman style as we go from comedic duos to the Dynamic Duo. Here's the question:

What was the true identity of Batman's first Robin sidekick?

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