Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008 question

The theme to Sanford and Son was written and composed by Quincy Jones, the guy with more Grammy's on his shelves than anyone else in history. Islem was the only one to get it right, although I'll give partial credit to Karen H (the H stands for How Can I Not Give Credit For Somebody Quincy?).

Well, the Summer Olympics is just one month away, and I'm finding myself extremely excited for it. This is the first time son #1 will be old enough to really understand what is going on, and I think he'll absolutely eat it up. It should be a slightly better influence on him than American Gladiators is. My only fear is that his favorite event will be javelin or the hammer throw.

So now I have a few topics for possible trivia questions . . . but I'm finally settled on this one:

How old is Dana Torres, slated to become the oldest American swimmer ever to compete in the Olympics?

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