Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22, 2008 gold medal question

Kristin Shepard shot J.R., as Paul C (the C stands for Callous Rhymes With Dallas), Karen H (the H stands for Hagman Hater), and Karen M (the M stands for Make My Day) all knew. Kyle also astutely (and correctly) pointed out that technically the shooting never took place, since a later episode revealed that the entire plot had been a dream. But since it's hard for me to say that what happens in a dream within a TV show is any less real than the nondreamy occurrences, I'll give full credit to both answers. So five points to everybody, which brings our entertainment scoreboard to this:

Karen H: 10
Islem: 7
Karen M: 7
Heidi: 6
Nancy K: 6
Steve T: 6
Paul C: 5
Kyle: 5
Charles: 2
Amy: 1
Cindy: 1
Steve J: 1

So, here it is, the gold medal question:

Beginning from the award presented this year, what films have won the Academy Award for Best Picture? I'll award one point for each correct answer in succession without mistake or omission. So, if you don't remember this year's award winner, you'll get no points, even if you can name every other Oscar-winning film in history. If you cheat, however, I will know, and I will send a 13-year-old Chinese gymnast to end you. Good luck.

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