Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8, 2008

Here we are, the final day of the biggest (and only) event in Trivia Olympiad history. As the opening ceremonies are already opened, it's time to wrap up Geography. And while the people in Beijing already know how this event turns out, for all of us in the Western Hemisphere the result is still in doubt.

Yesterday, a lot of you racked up a point by knowing that the equator is longer than all those lines of longitude that connect the poles. Charles, Elena, Paul K (the K stands for Kentucky), Andrew, Konrad, Heather M (the M stands for Make That Latitude), Heidi, Karen M (the M stands for Money In Geography), Nancy K (the K stands for Kwater, E.), Steve J (the J stands for Jeograffiti) all got the question right, leaving the standings like this:

Karen M: 5
Charles: 4
Paul K: 3
Karen H: 2
Steve J: 2
Heather M: 2
Heidi: 2
Mathias: 1
Maridee: 1
Elena: 1
Andrew: 1
Konrad: 1
Nancy K: 1

Here's the tape-delayed question:

What 5 countries border the Caspian Sea?
(Note: Yes, you will get a point for every country you correctly name, but guessing MORE than 5 countries will result in a deduction.)

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