Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008 question

What can grow up to 62 feet tall and has that Latin name I gave you and am too lazy to look back at? A cactus. And here's who knew and received Pi points: Robbie, Mike K (the K stands for Knows His Cacti), and Karen H (the H stands for Hurts Sitting On A 62-Footer, Don't It?).

So now we have quite a contest in the Science and Nature portion of our never-ending Trivia Olympiad, don't we? For those who aren't keeping track via henna tattoos on their forearms, here's where we stand:

Mike K and Karen H: Pi + 1 (approx. 4.14)
Robbie: Pi (3.14, etc., etc.)
Karen M: 2.5
Paul C, Heidi: 1

And it's anyone's contest, because you can rack up a lot of points on this one. Here it is:

Who has won the Nobel Prize in Physics?

(You'll get .72 points for each correct answer without missing, so list your answers in the order you are most confident in. You could list every winner ever, but if their names come after an incorrect guess, you'll get no points. Got it? Yippee!)

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