Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16, 2008 question

Attention all physicists: if it is fame within the ranks of this daily trivia group that you seek, you may want to take up another career. Only three people ventured a guess at past Nobel Prize laureates in physics, and just two of them correctly guessed, and just one man was successfully named: Albert Einstein. No Curies? No Enrico Fermi? No Max Planck? You can find the complete list here. Oh well, it certainly makes tabulating the medal points a bit easier. Here's how the podium looks after Robbie and Karen H (the H stands for Hideki Yukawa, 1949) earned themselves .72 points apiece with their recall:

Gold: Karen H, Pi + 1.72 (4.86, etc.)
Silver: Mike K, Pi + 1 (4.14, etc.)
Bronze: Robbie, Pi + .72 (3.86, etc.)

So, congrats, science and nature is over, Trivia Olympiadically speaking. So here's the first in the final category, Sports & Leisure:

Who was the last Chicago Cub to throw a no-hitter?

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