Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18, 2008 question

The Tampa Bay Rays (at the time, the Devil Rays) lost 96 games in 2007, which Kyle knew on the dot. The lowest guess was 73 (and nobody guessed any higher than 96), so Kyle gets 23 points. Karen H was just one off and will get 18 points. Andrew gets himself 13 points, and Heidi and Nancy K walk away with 8 points apiece. Here are the standings:

Karen H: 25
Kyle: 23
Andrew: 20
Heidi and Nancy K: 15
Steve T, Paul C, Larry, Mike K, Cindy, and Robbie: 7
H. E. and Mathias: 3

Now, here's today's Sports and Leisure Trivia Olympiad question (with an emphasis on the leisure):

Does light beer have less alcohol than regular beer?

Bonus: According to a study of 100 of the most popular brews, what is the average percentage of alcohol by volume in regular beer sold in the United States?

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