Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19, 2008 question

You wouldn't expect me to award a ton of points for a mere 50/50 question, but when you're the only person to get a 50/50 question correct, extra points are well deserved. And that's why Jocelyn, the only one of you who knew that light beer does in fact have less alcohol than regular beer (which may explain why she's so sharp), receives 30 points for her stellar achievement. I'll also give 10-proof bonus points to Paul C and Steve J for knowing that regular beer generally is 5% alcohol by volume. So, as we approach the final question in the Sports & Leisure category (and the final question in the Trivia Olympiad), here are the standings:

Jocelyn: 30
Karen H: 25
Kyle: 23
Andrew: 20
Paul C: 17
Heidi and Nancy K: 15
Steve J: 10
Steve T, Larry, Mike K, Cindy, and Robbie: 7
H. E. and Mathias: 3

Now, it's still anybody's game, because this is a monster question that could earn you up to 50 points. Here it is, in all its multi-pronged glory:

The last time the Cubs won the World Series . . .
1. What year was it?
2. Who did the Cubs defeat in the World Series?
3. How many games were required to decide the Series?
4. Who scored the winning run for the Cubs in the deciding game?
5. What was the final score in the deciding game?

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