Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 2, 2008 question

I sent this out yesterday, but to the best of my knowledge, the only person to receive it was me. Let's try again . . .

Well, well, well, we certainly have had a busy little news weekend, haven't we? The announcement of the vice presidential candidates are now behind us (and, unfortunately, no one in our trivia group correctly guessed either Joe Biden or Sarah Palin . . . which, given your collective genius, is not a really good sign for the candidates). We had a liberal make a conservative pick while the more conservative went unconventional, ensuring that this election would have a historic result. We'll either have the first black president or the first female vice president . . . or the first third party president.

And speaking of unconventional, that's exactly what the GOP is, thanks to Gustav. I have to say, after seeing a video of a Focus on the Family guru cockily telling conservatives to pray for torrential rain during Barack Obama's speech, I find it pretty hilarious that a hurricane near New Orleans is managing to rain out the Republican National Convention in Minnesota!

That wasn't the way it was back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was taking over the convention at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, a fact known only by Kyle. That peerless knowledge gave him 10 points and an easy victory in the History Event of the Trivia Olympiad. Here are the medal earners:

Kyle: 15 points (Gold)
Charles: 8 points (Silver)
Frislem and Steven F: 5 points (Bronze)

So, now it's time for Arts & Literature. Here's question number one, a three-pointer:

What artist's most celebrated work is his bronze David, considered to be the first major creation of Renaissance sculpture?

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