Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008 question

Perhaps I've seemed a bit glib over the past week or so, but make no mistake: this is unequivocally the most important contest in the history of my lifetime or any of our lifetimes. As November advances upon us, the winner will be decided as we watch--and you must decide whom you will support. Will you stand beside the victor or will you vainly applaud a loser? Can hope finally bubble from within to emerge as something more than just empty promises and silly aspirations? Is it possible that after years of failure, our nation can grasp true prosperity? Quite simply, can we win?

Yes we can! A lot of people are talking about change, but there is only one change that matters, and we must carry that banner of change forward. Now is the time we must all join together. We are all red states. We are all blue states. We are red and blue states. We are . . . Cubs Nation.

That's right, the Cubs playoff run begins onWednesday. Anything short of a World Series championship will be considered a failure. Join with me in a chorus of billions united as one. We're singing, "Go, Cubs, go . . ."

Oh, yeah, a question. Here it is:

How many World Series Champions have called Wrigley Field home?

Oh, yeah, and an answer. The most popular game show in the world is Wheel of Fortune. Here's who knew:

Paul C (the C stands for C)
Karen H (the H stands for H)
Karen M (the M stands for M . . . No, Vanna, That's A W . . . There You Go, Good Girl.)

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