Friday, September 5, 2008

September 5, 2008 question

Jessie and Frislem knew, without any multiple choice suggestions, that Idina Menzel won a Tony for her performance as Elphaba when Wicked hit Broadway in 2004. So they both earn 5 points. The rest of you just sneer at them indignantly, for which I award you no points but I sympathize. The Arts and Literature category in the Trivia Olympiad is a lot like gymnastics. You aren't supposed to like your competitors, you're just supposed to fake hug and Euro-cheek-kiss them as you imagine them dislocating their kneecaps on their next routines. So, here are the standings:

Frislem: 5
Jessie: 5
Elena: 3
Karen H: 3

And here's the final question for which I will award points somewhat arbitrarily based on how close I think you are, whether you seem confident in your answer, and the degree to which I feel like being nice at the time:

Gerald Ford once said that the only three vehicles for to keep the people informed about the goings on in Washington were the electronic media, the print media, and what?

If you need a hint, let me know. It might cost you a tenth of a point . . . or six, but it'll be better than nothing, right?

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