Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008 question

By some miracle of mental recall or random fortuitous selection, Steve T (the T stands for Totally Mental Recall) knew that Gerald Ford referred to Doonesbury as one of the most informative vessels of insider Washington revelations. Amazing, and it earns Steve 2 billion points. Frislem knew after receiving a clue (that it was a comic strip in question), and receives 7 million points. So the final point tally and medal list goes like this:

Steve T: 2 billion points (Gold)
Frislem: 7,000,005 points (Silver)
Jessie: 5 points (Bronze)
Karen H: 3 points (4 years of angst-ridden determination)

Now here's the first question in the Science and Nature portion of the Trivia Olympiad:

When a man afflicted with the medical disorder Odine's Curse falls asleep, he stops doing what?

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