Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008 question

Nostradamus correctly predicted his death . . . pretty much the day it happened. He told his nurse she wouldn't find him alive the next day, and he was right. Kinda made it tough to gloat, though. Trevor and Kyle knew that he was dead right. Way to go, guys! You actually can gloat.

Now today I'll just say that I had an interesting time with my son last night as we flipped back and forth between Deal or No Deal and the World Series. You haven't watched DOND unless you've watched it with my son, because he cheers at everything anybody cheers about . . . and they cheer for everything on that show. Last night was crazy, though, because this lady won it all at precisely the same time the Phillies recorded the final out. So we were watching this lady play a game and go absolutely berserk when she finally won a million dollars while we also watched a bunch of millionaires turn into exploding dervishes of jubilation when they finally won a game. And I'm sure they all felt like their lives had been changed forever.

Crazy world. It's amazing what happens to people the moment when they get what they desperately want. And speaking of things I desperately want, here's today's question:

What Dunkin' Donuts donut has the least amount of fat?

A) Apple Crumb
B) Blueberry Cake
C) Chocolate Glazed
D) Gingerbread
E) Jelly Filled
F) Powdered Cake

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