Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008 question

Just saw Greta VanWhatserface interview Sarah Palin and was a little disgusted to see over 5 minutes spent on clothes. Then the next 5 minutes were spent on her knowledge of 5th grade Social Studies. It seemed incredibly ironic to me that a journalist for Fox News--or anyone in cable news for that matter-- would be questioning Sarah Palin about why ridiculous stories become overblown in the media as a gigantic BREAKING NEWS: GOV PALIN SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT graphic gets plastered on the screen. Gee, I don't know, why has the media become so sensationalist? Tune in for our exclusive, life-or-death, no-holds-barred investigative report uncovering the most shocking details in this devastatingly destructive trend in popular culture--DON'T GO AWAY!!!

So I propose a boycott of all electronic news outlets. Read your newspaper in the morning, throw it away, and get on with your day. Who's with me?!? No one? Okay. Here's today's question:

What spelling of today's holiday is correct and officially recognized by the U.S. government:

A) Veteran's Day
B) Veterans' Day
C) Veterans Day
D) None of the Above
E) All of the Above

Oh, and I mustn't forget Thursday's champ, Karen M (the M stands for Massachusetts) for knowing the commonwealth's first governor was John Hancock (I would have also accepted Herbie Hancock). Woo hoo to you!

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