Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20, 2008 question

It's not too early to start Christmas shopping--no one waits until after Thanksgiving anymore. And here's the perfect idea for a stocking stuffer: a barrel of oil. Yup, you can get one for under $50 if you know where to shop. Nothing says, "I love you," quite like a hearty barrel filled to the brim with thick & rich light sweet crude. It's the lowest price in over three years!

So . . . yeah. Here's today's question:

According to standard U.S. measurement, a barrel of oil is equal to how many gallons?

And here's who knew that Bernie's employees walked his carcass around all weekend:

Paul C (the C stands for Carcass Walks On The Beach)
Karen M (the M stands for Mortician Fun)
Mike K (the K stands for Knows It Because He Loves It)

Yeah. It's a proud day for you.

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