Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10, 2008 question

Rod Blagojevich was apparently doing everything wrong. The allegations of corruption run the gamut from auctioning the congressional seat vacated by the president elect to manipulating the sale of the Cubbies. Some FBI charges still sealed by federal order are rumored to accuse the Illinois governor of making the weather really suck lately. Tom Skilling was seen being questioned by federal investigators.

Bring on those Olympics. If the IOC thought their corruption wouldn't be welcome in Chicago, they were so wrong. Here's today's question:

Of the last 8 governors of Illinois, how many have NOT faced criminal federal charges?

And here's who knew that McCain was born in Panama:

Steven F (the F stands for Fanny Flip)
Karen H (the H stands for How 'Bout That Canal?)
Heather M (the M stands for Made In The USA)
Karen M (the M stands for Maybe Governors Aren't Always The Best Presidential Candidates)
Steve J (the J stands for Jumping Jehoshaphat)
Van H (the H stands for Halen)

Congrats. For reals.

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