Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009 question

AAA has been around since 1902. Yeah, it was probably needed most critically when automobiles were still heavily outnumbered by horse-drawn carriages. Charles came closest with his guess of 1914, and although it's 12 years off, he still could have gotten a membership at a really good introductory rate at that time. Way to go, Charles!

Speaking of close, how about that Illinois Senate vote, huh? Seeing as though they're usually split down the middle on cut-and-dry topics like the bill to legalize bribes applied to the senatorial profit sharing plan, the 59-0 vote to axe Rod was a little overwhelming. Don't worry about Blago, though, he'll be back on his feet soon enough. Word is he's slated to sub for Elisabeth Hasselbeck during her maternity leave from The View.

Now, here's a question about this important political topic:

In what year did The View premiere on ABC?

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