Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6, 2008 question

It's a new year, and I'd like to tell you I've resolved to being more consistent with trivia than I was last year . . . but seeing as we're six days in and you're only just now receiving your first question of 09, maybe we'll hold off on any predictions. Then again, waiting this long for trivia isn't that much worse than waiting until January 8 to play the last college bowl game.

When I left you last year, we were collectively wondering what the other half of fat free half & half is. Karen M (the M stands for Moo Point) knew that the mystery ingredient is almost always corn syrup. Corn syrup, cream, what's the difference? Way to know what you aren't putting in your body, Karen! On to today's question. Here it is:

The Barbourula kalimantanensis is the only known species of frog that has no . . . what?

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