Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12, 2009 question

If you've stolen a cat or a dog whose name you do not know and someone asks you to verify that it's yours by calling out the pet's name, your best bet is Max. And if you have a pet named Max that's gone missing recently, Maridee and Heidi may have been smart enough to get away with the petnapping.

Um, congrats.

On to bigger news. A Russian satellite and an American satellite collided at high speed about 500 miles above Siberia. It was the first ever high-speed collision of man-made objects in space, which makes it officially awesome. Said Lee Minors, chief ballistics engineer at NASA, "We've blown stuff up and smashed stuff up in a lot of places. But doing it in space has forever been the dream. Now, by accident, we've stumbled into uncharted awesomeness. I mean, look at it!"

Now here's a completely unrelated question that I didn't make up--for real, my son just asked me (I got it wrong):

Do river otters have webbed feet?

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