Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23, 2009 question

Kevin, Joe, and Nick are the brothers Jonas, and they were born in that order. Charles knew this. Usually, sole trivia glory is a status symbol worthy of boundless pride, but I'm thinking Charles might be wishing he had company atop the trivia podium. Sorry, Charles, you're all alone in the spotlight today.

Perhaps the Oscars were enough to wash away any Jonas-related shame. I found it to be one of the best productions I can remember. For me, the very best part was seeing the winners of past acting awards salute the performances that earned this year's hopefuls their much-deserved nominations. Normally the acting awards are presented by a past winner reading trite character allusions from a teleprompter, followed by random 10-second clips of each performance. This year, though, the nominees were treated to personal, heartfelt praise delivered by their friends, contemporaries, and/or heroes. It was brilliant. The announcement of the winners in these 4 categories were almost anticlimactic (for the audience at least) because the real prizes were the 20 indelible moments captured on screen. What is typically a time of awkward anticipation and intense nerves was turned into something meaningful and unforgettable. I hope they do that every year, but if not, I'll always remember this one.

Okay, here's some Oscar trivia:

What is Oscar's last name in The Odd Couple?

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