Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009 question

I apologize to all of you for wasting your time with the easiest question of all time. Yes. Al Gore said that. And no, he did not create the Internet, invent the Internet, or even use the Internet until 2005 (I have documented proof*). Everyone got this right, so I'll give sole credit to Kristin who responded first and made me laugh.

In part due to my retroactive angst in remembering Al Gore's most grandiose of claims, I got to thinking about global warming, and not just because of the foot and a half of lake-effect snow predicted to fall on me like so many pieces of crumbling sky. I was just wondering why this era of globalwarmophobia has coincided with the incomparable financial success of the major oil companies. The value of shares in Exxon Mobil seem to be directly related to the level of panic on the faces of Al** Gore and the Green*** Team. But I can't figure out how carbon emission fears could drive up the price of fossil fuels. Is it possible that the oil companies were concerned about waning supplies, so they actually bought pseudo-scientific studies that would scare people into using less oil, so that they could, in turn, drill less and profit more? No. That's silly. Here's today's question:

What song replaced Don McLean's "American Pie" atop the U.S. pop charts on February 12, 1972?

*By "documented proof" I mean a sarcastic hunch.
**Big clue, part 1
***Big clue, part 2

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