Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009 question

So I caught a little bit of Jimmy Fallon on Late Night last night. Wow, was he not funny. It's very odd, because I know he's done stand up and been pretty good AND he was funny behind the Weekend Update desk. I'm sure he'd be much better if he had Tina Fey beside him through every monologue. I'll give him time, but right now he looks like the class clown in solitary confinement up there. I'm guessing Conan took his writers with him. He told one joke that bombed so bad, I seriously thought the sound went out on my TV for a second.

But there were three people in the live trivia audience who didn't miss the humor in yesterday's question: according to Irish folklore, the unluckiest color was green. Legend has it that the faeries loved that color and would kidnap anyone (particularly the little folk) wearing too much of it. That explains why the Leprechauns wear green . . . everyone else just has an abduction fix, apparently. Here's who knew:

Karen M (the M stands for Make My Day, Little Man)
Karen H (the H stands for Haggis . . . Sure, It's Scottish, But So Was
St. Patrick)

Congratulations on spotting my shenanigans. Alrighty, on to today's question. Here it be:

What is the world's oldest existing monarchy?

AND . . . a bonus:

Who is the monarch who rules it?

AND . . . a $20 bonus:

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