Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009 question

New Look
Change we can trivialize

I want to thank you for enduring the blustery winds of trivia change that have swirled relentlessly over the past couple of years. I hope you find this to be a welcome little breezy adjustment. [NOTE: If you aren't receiving the question by email, you are not signed up for the latest and greatest and most ridiculously awesome version. If you'd like to get in on that action, please subscribe on the registration form. Thanks!]
Also, this is your last chance at entering the Bracket 'Bucks challenge to win the $20 Starbucks gift card by using your superior luck and/or basketball prognostication. All entries must be received before the games begin today (11:00 CT). Enter now for your chance to win.
Group ID: 123496
Password: bucks

Today's Question

According to a series of Accountemps surveys, what day of the week continually reigns as the most productive day of the work week?

Yesterday's Answer
And the people who knew it

Japan is the oldest monarchy in existence, headed up by Emperor Akihito. Congrats to Karen M (the M stands for Monarch Of Trivia) and her supreme knowledge.Oh, and overdue kudos to Heather M (the M stands for My Green Isn't Welcome?) for her St. Patty's genius. Never run out of kudos here in trivialand.

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