Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24, 2009 question

$1 Trillion
Next up: bailout infinity
$1 Trillion. One trillion dollars. Stocks surged when the news of the one-trillion-dollar stimuluscious banking bonus was announced from the White House (aka the North Pole). For those of you unfamiliar with life in the trillions, let me break it down this way:

It's a one. And then a zero. Then another zero. Then another zero. After that comes another zero.  Followed by a zero. And then a zero. Next we have a zero. And a zero after that. Okay, here's another zero coming up. Next up in the sequence: a zero. Ditto on that last zero. Finally, we round it out with another zero. It's that many dollars. There are also four commas in there to break up the monotony. If it's easier to look at it as digits only, try this:
If you'd like to type that number out at home, I offer this tip: To save time, I cut the first comma and the next three zeroes and then pasted that series three times, one right after the other. Still not grasping the immensity of it all? I understand. I'll use a comparison to make it clearer:
One trillion has more zeroes in it than my savings account has dollars. That help? Or you know how when you're playing Monopoly with someone, and the banker is losing really bad, so he starts putting all the money in the bank in the middle of the board, hoping he lands on Free Parking? It's like that, but with the banks of 49 million Monopoly sets.

Today's Question
Sports & Leisure
How much money came in a standard-issue Monopoly bank before the 2008 version increased the bankroll to $20,580?

Monday's Answer
And the people who knew it
The correct title of option C, Life of Pi, has no the. Nobody knew. But just to keep trivia morale up, I hereby award you all with one trillion trivia points to divvy among yourselves. Enjoy!

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