Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009 question - Final Day of Trivia

Out Like a Lamb
March, GM, or Adam Lambert?

American automakers are scaring the tar out of me.
It seems very, very odd to have the President of the United States telling the auto industry how to do their business. Maybe I'd feel more comfortable with it if President Ford were in office. Of course, it's also quite unnerving to see the Motown movers and shakers begging for congressional help. Maybe I'd feel better if they were actually Shakers.
Hey . . . maybe I'm on to something here. Any chance the Pennsylvania Dutch can take over the auto industry? I'm pretty sure they have some thoughts on alternative energy sources . . . like horses. (I wanted to say 'horses & buggies,' but it wouldn't rhyme.)
I think the Mustang would look different. Their hybrid would be a Mule. And their CEO would be ridiculed for his luxurious cross-country trips on the company's private moped. And when they succeed, the move would come to be known as the Obamish Rescue Mission.
Today's Question
Maybe these category clues should be bigger?

I'm going to give you all another chance at yesterday's question. Only this time, I'll give you a hint that almost everyone overlooked from yesterday's question (the category was, "People Whose Last Names Start With the Letter P): You have definitely heard of this person, and his last name starts with the letter P.
What U.S. Civil War veteran went on to buy the St. Louis Post and the St. Louis Dispatch and eventually merged them into the St. Louis Post-Dispatch?
Yesterday's Answer
And the people who knew it

No one guessed yesterday's question correctly, but I will give credit to Charles for being the one person who ventured a guess that started with the right letter. Congrats! As to the answer . . . that will come tomorrow.

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