Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4, 2009 question

Because I live and breathe those PHILadelphia PHILlies . . .

I stole that question from Jeopardy because I was so dumbfounded by it. Here's who wasn't:

Steve T (the T stands for Trebek)
Heather M ( the M stands for M Words For $1000)
Karen M (the M stands for My Lunchmeat Has A First Name For $600)

Granted, Alex Trebek doesn't give you all day to answer. He only gives you . . . wait. How long does he give you? Let's see who knows, shall we? Here's the question:

How long are Jeopardy contestants given to answer the question (or question the answer, I suppose) in the Final Jeopardy round?

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