Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009 question - Monday's Revenge

Monday's Revenge
Shh. Monday heard what I said about it last week. And boy, is it ticked. Not sure I can escape its wrath, but I'm gonna go ahead and carry on with trivia and then make a break for it. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, form a search party and look for me at the bottom of the ocean. Any ocean. Monday is dastardly like that.

Today's Question
What Shakespearean character uttered the words, "A plague on both your houses" (or "a' both your houses," depending on where you read or hear it)?

Thursday's Answer
And the people who knew it
Vanna set the record for most on-screen television clapping. But does anyone stop to clap for Vanna? Maybe these people do, since her applause garnered them a little G-L-O-R-Y: Diannalee, Heather M (the M stands for Make Some Noise Up In Here), Karen H (the H stands for Hold Your Applause Until The End), and Heidi. No words could describe how proud I am of all of you, so I will just stand here and clap, Vanna style.

Oh, no, wait. I found the words: pretty darn. But I'll still clap.

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