Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009 question - Trivia in the Making

Two Sox go Spartan
Hitting 300 home runs in a career is usually pretty special for any baseball player. It doesn't put you into the Hall of Fame by any means, but it does show you're a legitimate slugger with staying power. And when that 300th long ball clears the fence, the day is usually (or, until yesterday, always) yours to savor.

But that all changed after Jermaine Dye of the Chicago White Sox circled the square base path for his 300th time. Before he could finish his congratulatory round of "you're so special" high fives and back slaps, Paul Konerko, the very next batter, repeated the feat, belting his 300th dinger over the generous fences of U.S. Cellular Field.

When two guys in a row do it, hitting 300 doesn't seem all that special for either one. But for the pair, it's as special as special gets. No two teammates have ever both hit their 300th, 400th, or 500th homers in the same game, let alone in precise succession.

I'm not one to spend a lot of time praising White Sox, but congratulations to Dye and Konerko, for forging trivia before our very eyes.

Today's Question
How many countries (ignoring any Antarctic territories . . . those aren't countries) are intersected on land by the Antimeridian, the Prime Meridian's neglected opposite?

Yesterday's Answer
And the people who knew it
Mercutio uttered those famous words that I've already forgotten, but these trivia winners have vowed never to forget (or they just can't help being that smart):

Heather M (the M stands for Mercutio's Last Words)
Karen M (the M stands for My How Dramatically They Die In Romeo And Juliet?)

Congratulations to you all for your
Great knowledge of the Bard and all his works.

Trivia glory is great on its own. Trivia glory in iambic pentameter is as good as it's gonna get. Congrats.

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