Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009 question - Frontal Taxonomy

Taxing Intrusion
Private eyes (clap, clap)
I really don't mind the tax paying. Honestly, I expect the government to need a little help. What I don't like, though, is the fact that the Internal Rigorous Search-party is all up in my business. Before the days of federal income tax and Social Security, personal finances were considered private. I'd say that the single biggest cause of identity theft is the simple fact that we're required by law to make our most private financial information completely public.

But until Uncle Sam decides to add a trivia tax, I'll just keep my complaints between us . . . and the Internets.

Today's Question
In the world of currency (and other two-sided objects as well) the back (or tails) side is referred to as the reverse side; what is the term for the front (or heads) side of a coin or bill?

Yesterday's Answer
And the people who knew it
Fiji and Russia are the only two countries in which you can actually stand on the Antimeridian. A lot of you guessed zero, and only one of you guessed anything else. Unfortunately for a lot of you, anything else was closer (because it was three). Congrats to Nancy K (the K stands for Knows Her Anti From Her Prime) for her solo flight around the trivial globe.

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