Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009 - 7-month flashback

Déjà Vu
It still feels like the first time
My wife and I both just received emails from September 22 of last year. Neither had been delayed. We each had received an email identical to the one we got today (though my message had absolutely nothing to do with hers . . . other than the arbitrary date). The main question is . . . why? Why would we each get phantom reproductions of email we had already checked, read, and forgotten about from 9-22-08?

Maybe something happened that day that we need to talk about. Maybe something bad is going to happen that day because of something our future selves will do when we travel back in time later to that time earlier. Maybe there's a reason why I'm typing this at 9:22 in the morning.

Maybe I should just move on to the real question before I scare myself.

Today's Question
This date in history
What magazine still in circulation was first published on September 22, 1888?

Friday's Answer
And the people who knew it

It's a suburb of Boston (Milton, Mass.) that lays claim to the title of windiest city in America. The nickname "Windy City" was actually a really bad marketing gimmick the city of Chicago came up with to lure tourists. They thought the notion of gentle lake breezes would tantalize wind enthusiasts from around the world. You'd think they would have gone with "Breezy City" or something that didn't scream, "Prepare to be blown away." But as anyone with any knowledge of Friends knows, you can't just call yourself breezy. That totally negates the breezy (cf. "The One Where No One's Ready").

Anyway, Steve T (the T stands for The One Where Steve's A Genius) was the sole trivia champion this time. Congrats on your mastery of all things windy!

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