Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009 question - Attack of the Point Guards

Beautiful Flagrance
Brad Miller's head is a basketball, say NBA officials
Yesterday the NBA handed down its final ruling on Rajon Rondo's thwacking of Brad Miller's head in the closing seconds of Tuesday's Game 5 between Boston and Chicago. The verdict: not flagrant. If you haven't seen the play, you can watch it here (at about the 1:15 mark).

They ruled that Rondo didn't wind up (he lunged at Miller from behind), didn't follow through (the rock-solid contact with Miller's huge melon may have had something to do with that), the impact wasn't severe enough (puncturing Miller's cheek with his own tooth, requiring stitches), and was part of a play on the basketball (which was neither in the vicinity nor in the same direction as Rondo's meat-hook swat).

On the very same day, Dwight Howard was suspended for one game for grazing a guy's cheek with his elbow.

Glad to see the NBA has brought integrity back into its officiating and discipline. All I know is this: if none of the Bulls foul Rondo hard in tonight's win-or-go-home Game 6 in Chicago, one of the fans will.

Today's Question
U.S. History
What was the original capital of Virginia?

Yesterday's Answer
And the people who knew it
Idiots are dumber than imbeciles and morons. And I must say, it was lovely receiving emails all day reading nothing but, "Idiot," or "Moron." Real self-esteem booster. :) The terms went out of industry use after people started using them as derogatory terms . . . funny how the folks at MENSA never saw that coming. Here's who knew:

Karen H (the H stands for Hay Maker)
Steve J (the J stands for Jab Left, Hook Right)

Congrats on, you know, not being any of those things.

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